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Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance

A moving September 11th tribute in Coney Island

Housed outside of Maimonides Park, the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance allows us to remember and honor the brave responders who selflessly gave their lives to save others on September 11th, 2001. The wall is comprised of three 30 x 12-foot granite walls, laser-engraved with images of the 346 firefighters, 37 Port Authority officers, 23 NYC police officers, 3 NYS officers, 1 fire patrol, first responders, and Sirius, a K-9 rescue dog who tragically lost their lives that day. Their sacrifice and selflessness inspired millions around the world and their portraits continue to remind us of the resilience of New Yorkers and the work these heroes did to keep that resilience alive.

Visit their website for upcoming events and new additions to the monuments, as well as opportunities to donate and continue this important work.

1904 Surf Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11224

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