All visitors are welcome to visit Coney Island and have a great time.  As such there are accommodations for people with disabilities in order to have an enjoyable experience.

For Parking Accessibility

Both metered and free parking is available along most streets. Regular New York City parking for motorists with disabilities rules apply. There are convenient commercial parking lots located at West 17th Street at MCU Park, West 12th Street between Mermaid and Surf Ave, West 15th Street between the Boardwalk and Surf Ave, and on Neptune Ave between West 12th Street and Stillwell Ave.

For Beach Accessibility

Coney Island beaches contain mobi mats stretching from Boardwalk entrances to the waters. Located on West 32nd Street and West 29th Street, these mats make trekking across the sand a lot easier for seniors and the disabled alike. In fact Brighton Beach was the first to introduce mobi mats in 2007, as the area contains the largest senior population in Coney Island.

For Wheelchair Accessibility

Luna Park also provides easier solutions for wheelchair users accompanying a group or looking to go on a certain ride. Guests who have restricted mobility are allowed to wait in an alternate location and don’t have to wait on a line with their group. When the group approaches the front of the line the guest may then rejoin their group and be provided with a fair amount of time to board the ride. Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park has multiple rides that can accommodate anyone with wheelchair accessibility needs. The New York Aquarium also assists with wheelchair accessibility. All buildings and exhibits inside the aquarium are ramp accessible. The Ford Amphitheater, located on the Boardwalk, has elevator service to higher floors as well as wheelchair & companion seating.

For Restroom Accessibility

All bathrooms on the Boardwalk are accessible. Restrooms inside Luna Park meet the guidelines for visitors with disabilities. Any and all restrooms in the Ford Amphitheater are available to the disabled. The disabled can also use restrooms in the New York Aquarium located just past the Aquatheater.

For Service Animals

Legally documented service animals are allowed within Luna Park. Service animals are limited to one per guest and all other types of animals are prohibited. Dogs or any other service animal trained to assist people with disabilities must be equipped with an appropriate restraining device and remain in the control of its owner (or a member of the guest’s party) at all times. Service animals are not permitted on water rides or any other rides within Luna Park as they are not built to safely accommodate them. Guests who rely on service animals may bring them into the Aquarium, given the animals are properly leashed. Guests are solely responsible for the care, control, and condition of their animals.