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Thunderbolt Roller Coaster

New York City Roller Coaster That Thrills  

The new Thunderbolt may take its name from a Coney Island wooden roller coaster that dates back to the 1920s—but there’s certainly nothing old fashioned about this modern amusement park masterpiece. Stretching over an impressive span of bright orange painted tubular steel track, the Thunderbolt reachesspeeds up to 55 mph and features a mind-numbing 100-foot loop that leaves riders screaming for more. Situated in close proximity to the B&B Carousell and MCU Park, the unique design and striking features of the Thunderbolt present an irresistible allure for thrill seekers on the ultimate search for the ride of their lives.

Debuting in the summer of 2014, the Thunderbolt is among the most extreme New York City roller coasters in recent times and a star attraction of Luna Park. It’s imposing figure located near Surf Avenue and West 15th Street is easy to spot along the Coney Island oceanfront. But all you really need to do to find the Thunderbolt is follow the sounds of excitement emanating from every banked turn, vertical drop, zero-g roll and corkscrew turn along its 2,233 feet of exhilarating terrain

1215 Surf Ave

(718) 946-6642

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